About kloufi

Kloufi’s definition

Kloufi is a search engine that looks for public data on different Algerian advertising and e-shops websites and displays them in milliseconds. The user can get all ads related to real estate, cars, electronics and even job offers in real time. Users as (agencies, businessmen, and people) usually have the trouble of navigating to different sites so Kloufi came to help reach results that meet your needs by determining what you are looking for by using its various filters.

Once you have received the desired advertisement, you click on the button to obtain the author's data. Kloufi then takes you to the source of the original ads (official advertising website).

Why did we choose the name of kloufi for this website ?

Every Algerian or North African citizen should understand that Kloufi is an appelation for curious people, anyone who interferes with multiple things, or has a lot of information from different sources is called: “Kloufer”. This is what the site does!, find information from different sources and displays them as you need in an easy way.
Kloufi was developed by a team of young Algerians who are passionate about modern technologies and information technology, who have accumulated their long experience gained with major companies in the development of information systems infrastructures : SNCF, SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRAL, DASSAULT SYSTÈME, NATIXIS, Groupe BPCE, and others. The main purpose of this project, Is to pave the way for new technologies as big data and artificial intelligence in order to complete it in the Algerian space for the benefits of the customers.

Other sites Benefits:

Kloufi will provide an opportunity for various web sites and new startup to emerge, and obtain a number of visits from interested parties, it will also helps high-quality advertising to achieve sales, encouraging others to improve the way they place their ads and thus will be filled with Algerians sites with quality ads.

Professionals benefit:

Kloufi's target is to organize and arrange public information and set up a mechanism that enables professionals and business owners to filter data so that they can get good deals without wasting time and effort in browsing ads that do not suit their needs.

With just a few clicks on the Kloufi website you will be able for exemple to exclude ads that do not contain images, or that do not contain price! You also can even determine the budget in dinars or in other currencies with the appropriate rate, You can find many other filters that can be added before clicking on search, to get by the end an accurate results from different Algerians websites.

Authorities benefit :

This website will serve as a gateway for the authorities to exercise their authority and protect the citizens. for example Kloufi will allow them to find the stolen items quickly through filters and modern technologies. It will also provide statistics on the Algerian market, which will help the government to understand it, and takes the necessary economic measures to improve it.

Advantages of Kloufi :

In addition to filters, Kloufi is smart search engine so is very easy to use, you do not need a higher degree to use it. Kloufi can understand the faults you will make during your research, from example write appartomou/apart/ partma instead of apartment, Kloufi get you and shows you results of apartments you also can use Arabic characters or Latin, spell it right or wrong the smart Kloufi understand.

Kloufi specialization:

Kloufi is a search engine with specific terms of reference, unlike major search sites such as Google or Yahoo. In this version, it contains five search terms:

  • Real estate
  • Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • Job offers

Site Performance

In this project we devote all modern technologies in the field of big data in order to analyze all structured, partial and unstructured data and restructure them in one style in order to provide a unique user experience, although the mass of data we are processing today is not huge However, the engine infrastructure is horizontally scalable if the mass of information increases.

Kloufi has similar objective to human. The search engine Kloufi wants to learn from its external environment, especially from its users, indeed we will provide versions of the machine's self-learning techniques and artificial intelligence to provide impressive services, and a unique experience of searching for the users , however in this version is Kloufi is like baby on the stage of observation and recording.

This project will pave the way for programming and development enthusiasts to show their abilities and give them the opportunity to learn and work in this huge project, because the first and the real aim to this project is to help our country to be developed and giving youths the opportunity to work and prove themselves in their own country. Our goal is to give a valuable product to the Algerian people and stimulate other websites to improve their services. We want to create real competition for the benefit of the local users, because we believe that the Algerians deserve good Algerian products quality this as part of the revolution of conscience that afflicts Algeria and still under the slogan #Improve_the_attitude_Improve_the_country